The Hottest Trends

Hello there! It’s Mykah with a post for you! Your’re wondering about the lastest trends, are you? Well we have them! Check it out!

Trend One: MESH

Mesh is often used during the fall and winter for insulation. Now you can wear it to keep cool and stylish! Wear mesh over a black (or a daring neon) camisole.


The voluminous skirts have lady-like feel with a retro kiss. It like having two styles at once. Pair it with leggings and cute boots to keep warm in winter.


White blouses are in! They have a very steam-lined look and stays a timeless class. With necktie detailing, embellishments or asymmetric cuts add  for a new spin.


Sweatshirts can say goodbye to the gym and hello to the fashion world! The slouchy silhouette gets new spins and details. Bye boring gray!

Trend Five: SUITS

Have you always believe that pant suits are a no-no? Well not anymore! Like a boss, just with brighter and bolder patterns and colors. If you think  it’s intimidating, try calmer colors.

Trend Six: PASTELS

Show off your girly sides with pastels. Sweeter than spring, pastels are too cute to miss! Add it with leather and jeweled tones.

Well that’s all, but will come back with more! Keep on designing!



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