29 Little-Known Facts About Disney Movies That Will Blow Your Mind

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Take a deep breath before you process this post. There’s a lot of stuff in here. Are you ready? Go.

1. Although using big-name actors to sell your animated film is now de rigeur in Hollywood, Aladdin was the first to try it — on the back of Robin Williams’ superstardom. (Remember, this was 1992.) This worked, as the movie was easily the most profitable of the year.

2. However, Williams was still unhappy. He signed onto the film under the agreement that his voice work wouldn’t be used in the merchandising (e.g. Genie toys) and his character never account for more than a quarter of ad space for the movie. To get those box office dollars, Disney violated the agreement and Williams disavowed the movie. He did not appear in the sequel (replaced by Dan Castelanetta — who plays Homer Simpson) and was cut of the the later “Art…

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Fashion personality quiz

How to become a fashion stylist


This is a quiz that will help you determine what fashion personality you are and how you dress. Knowing different fashion personalities cannot only help your personal style but understanding others style when dressing them. Once you have taken the quiz it gives you a brief overview about your personality. Further research into each personality will need to be done.

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tutorial: how to draw a skirt pattern

The dress I made

I’m sorry there’s such a big gap between last week’s post and this one. A lot has happened, I’ve spoken to a lady who can grade my patterns so I can sell them to you, I’ve got plans for a webshop to download those patterns, I’m drawing some ideas for BurdaStyle and I’m working on a winter coat. To make up for my quietness I will finally live up to the promise I made a while ago:  write a tutorial on how to draw the pattern for the Céline inspired skirt. I will start by explaining how to draw your own pattern for a basic pencil skirt. Once you know how to do this, you can go crazy with your own skirt designs, so let’s get started.

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Disney’s Worst Villain: Prince Hans (from Frozen)

The Red Rings of Redemption

Walt Disney Animation Studios has a rich history of feature film characters. From Winnie the Pooh to Stitch, many strong protagonists highlight this library. However, the scratched side of the coin is just as wonderful with villains like Jafar, Cruella De Vil and Scar. When it comes to villains: Disney delivers… well, almost always.

Princess and the Frog saw the addition of the most recent great Disney villain: the Shadow Man.

2013 saw the release of Frozen, the latest animated film from Disney, based this time off the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale, The Snow QueenIt’s good, it’s very good. Building off the fun but predictable film, Tangled; Frozen delivers a unique story of sisterhood highlighted by magic and gorgeous animation. I’ve already sung “Let It Go” to myself more times than I would care to admit so the movie also has at least…

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